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Baby's Room Safety Tips

In signature style, Baby's Dream's innovative ensembles not only appeal to many tastes, but also make the perfect statement in just about any setting. More importantly, Baby's Dream cribs are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed federal safety standards. For more information on Baby's Dream cribs, refer to Our Quality Assurance.

Crib Safety: What to look for in a crib

When selecting a crib, make sure it meets all up to date safety standards. We have compiled the following safety checklist when you shop for a crib.
  • Slats should be no more than 2-3/8" apart. With slats spaced farther apart, a baby's head could become trapped between the rails, resulting in serious injury.
  • Check for cracked, peeling paint. Avoid a crib that a previous owner has painted over, as chipping could easily occur. All surfaces should be covered with lead-free paint. Lead paint poses a serious health risk.
  • All joints and parts should fit tightly - and the wood must be smooth and splinter-free.
  • Corner posts shouldn't protrude any further than 1/16" above the end panels - or be very tall like posts on a canopy bed. Clothing and ribbons can catch on corner posts and strangle an infant.
  • The mattress should fit snugly with no more than two finger widths between the edge of the mattress and the crib side. A square cornered mattress works best and provides the highest level of safety. Likewise, bumper pads provide added security for newborns and very small babies. However, be sure to remove the bumper pads when your baby becomes more active.
  • To prevent the infant from falling out, the lowered crib sides should be at least 9" above the mattress support. Raised crib sides should be at least 26" above the mattress support in its lowest position.
  • When it comes to set up, use and care of the crib, always follow directions. Tighten all nuts, bolts and screws.
  • Be sure all support hangers are secure if you move the crib or change the height of the mattress. Check hooks regularly. Bent or broken hooks may allow the mattress to fall and trap your baby.
  • When the baby is in the crib, never leave the crib sides down.
  • Before the baby can sit alone, the crib mattress should be lowered. The mattress should be at its lowest point before the baby can stand.
  • By the time children reach 35 inches tall, they should be taken out of the crib
  • Age is factor in the safety of any crib. At a minimum, CPSC staff recommends that you not use a crib that is older than 10 years. Many older cribs may not meet current voluntary standards and can have numerous safety problems.

Bedding Safety: Down for the Night - Safe & Sweet Dreams

Keep in mind these safety concerns when putting your infant to sleep:
  • Research shows that infants under the age of 12 months should be placed on their backs to sleep.
  • Pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys and other soft products should be removed from the crib before your baby goes to sleep.
  • Because infants can become tangled or, even worse, trapped in a sheet that rides up or slides off the mattress, be sure that crib sheets fit properly and securely on the mattress.
  • Outfit your little one in sleepers or other sleep clothing to keep them warm.
  • While your baby sleeps, make sure his or her head remains uncovered.
  • Never place your baby down to sleep on waterbeds, sofas, adult mattresses, pillows or other soft surfaces.

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