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Bedtime Transitions

Saying Goodnight to the crib and good morning to a bed! The transition from crib to bed is more than just a change in sleeping arrangements – it's a major milestone separating infancy from childhood.

Signs that your child has outgrown their crib:
  • Child is between the ages of 18 and 36 months.
  • Child is repeatedly trying to climb over the sides.
  • Child reaches a height of 35 inches.

If you see any of these indications it's time to convert to a toddler bed. All of Baby's Dream cribs easily convert to toddler beds.

A perfect starter bed for the little one…
By creating a familiar sleeping environment, this beautiful sleigh toddler bed makes the transition from a crib into a regular bed easier for the little one during this delicate period. It comes with two guardrails and uses a standard crib mattress.

To Ease the Transition from Crib to toddler bed

  • Place the toddler bed against a wall to give your child a feeling of security. Most Baby's Dream cribs come with guardrails which can be mounted on the open side to prevent your child from rolling out of toddler bed at night.
  • Position a nightstand within easy reach. It will provide a convenient place for bedtime stories and a cup of water if your child wakes up thirsty. Make sure to keep tall furniture away from the toddler bed to prevent him or her from trying to climb onto it.
  • If the toddler bed is high, place a step stool nearby to make it easier to get in and out.
  • If your child wants to keep using an old crib blanket for a while, let him, even if it's too small. Its familiarity will be reassuring. Some kids find a sleeping bag comforting, since it re-creates the feeling of a crib.
  • For some children, a toddler bed can seem large after a crib, so pile blankets or stuffed animals at either end to make it cozier.
  • Check your childproofing. Now that your little one isn't confined at night, make sure there are no hazards in the room, or in other areas the child has access to. Put locks on dresser drawers and cover electrical outlets. Make sure drapery and curtain cords are out of reach.

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