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Our Compliance with Formaldehyde
(California Customers only)
The California CARB (California Air Resources Board) Regulation is a two-phase program to control airborne emissions that will not be fully implemented until 2012 and is only applicable for California, as no other state has adopted the same standards. These are the toughest manufacturing standards in the world and ALL Baby's Dream and Cocoon collections are in compliance with the California standards for low formaldehyde levels almost 2 years in advance before full implementation. Most importantly, we have adopted CARB standards for every state, not just California. For detailed facts about the CARB act read more here.The CARB updates have involved reducing the amount of formaldehyde levels in secondary areas of our pieces with the use of some medium-density fiberboard or manufactured woods. To verify all of our compliance, our products undergo independent 3rd party testing. Copies of our test results are available to view below and through all of our retailers.
JPMA has issued a statement on Formaldehyde Emissions. Read Here.

Our Compliance With Lead
The recent recalls with toys made in China has raised much consumer concern on the lead content in baby products. We at Baby's Dream want you to rest assure that the painting material used in our furniture is 100% non-toxic.
As the original convertible crib maker, safety has been Baby's Dream's primary founding principle. Our factories are continually in tune with safety standards set forth by CPSC, and we also go above and beyond this minimum federal requirement to be JPMA certified.
We feel compelled to make our paint test results available. As you will see in the attached report, our finishing materials are in compliance with the standard of U.S. CFR Title 16 (CPSC Regulations) Part 1303 Total Lead Content. For further details, download a copy of our current paint test report by SMS (JPMA's certification program). (Pgs 2-3)
As you can see from the reports, we go well above current regulations to ensure even the hardware we use (hinges, metal glides, rod covers) that can come into contact with a baby's mouth is lead free and BPA/Phthalate proof.

Our Compliance With Phthalates
Effective Febrary 10, 2009, Congress enacted the federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 ("CPSIA"), which banned the sale of children's products containing chemicals known as phthalates - a common class of chemicals used more commonly in plastics and children's toys such as teethers, bibs, dolls, plastic figures.
Products that are not necessarily in direct contact with the child but that are in close proximity, such as cribs, crib mattresses, and mattress covers and pads, were also encompassed in the definition.
As of early this year, all of our products are tested for phthalates and are in compliance with federal guidelines.Download our Phthalate reports here. (Pgs 4-6)

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