About us:

Babies need a lot of care and love, and as parents, we are always filled with a plethora of fears about going wrong somewhere or the other. The fear is more in parents who are completely new to the experience of child-rearing. As a mother myself, I have the first-hand experience in this regard and wish I had somebody to guide me through the process. 

Baby’s Dream is a website born out of this feeling that new parents could use some guidance and help from those who have already experienced a great deal. Here you will come across articles on topics like the best bassinets, best cribs, best baby gates, and so on. These will help you ensure your baby’s safety during her most crucial growing-up years. 

We understand that every parent has an instinct to protect their child and know the products you can use and how they will be handy in this. While we recognize that there is no better teacher than experience itself, we believe a little help always goes a long way when it comes to something as tricky, difficult, and yet so beautiful as parenting. 

We hope that the articles help you decide which products to choose for your baby. 

Who Are We:

Baby’s Dream is a website dedicated to baby products that will ensure that your baby is happy and has beautiful dreams. We provide detailed reviews of various products like bassinets and safety gates to have adequate knowledge about which one to purchase. Other than reviews, we also provide a lot of general information in the articles that we believe will be helpful for parents. 

Our Author:

The author of this website is Carly Link, a 33-year old mother of two toddlers. She is a parent and goes through a lot of the usual parenting difficulties herself. Carly shares all her experiences and knowledge about the best baby products through this blog. She also loves to write, and all her articles are incredibly well-researched and accurate.