Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy calendars are a great way for mother’s to track their pregnancy stages to know what to changes expect based on which stage she is in. Each stage of pregnancy can affect a mother’s body, emotions and life in general.

This is why keeping proper track can be an essential part of planning and following the baby’s development week by week. Do note that pregnancy calendars are only designed to give to an idea of which trimester you are in and what you can expect. For actual medical advice you must always consult with a doctor.

If you are expecting a child then a pregnancy calendar is an essential item to own. You might also want to start picking up the essentials that your baby will need such as bassinets and baby gates.

In our experience we have noticed that bassinets are great for smaller living spaces and can be less expensive than full fledged cribs. Whether you go with cribs or bassinets should depend on your room size and some parents might even opt for both options.